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Decorate Your Home at Broadleaf Apartments With These Photo-Hanging Tips!

Decorating an apartment can be tricky. You can't do anything permanent and you don't want to mark up the walls too much. Check out these tips so you can hang art or photos in your home at Broadleaf Apartments without doing any damage:

  1. Monkey hooks. These hooks do make a hole in the wall, but it's small. The hooks are a great alternative to the traditional nail because they're pretty sturdy.
  2. Adhesive strips. These are photo-hanging strips made specifically for renters! You can find them at any home goods store. The strips can easily be removed from the wall and won't do any damage.
  3. Poster putty. You can hang frameless pictures with poster putty. The putty isn't strong enough to hold framed art, but it can certainly hold up posters or pictures.

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