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Embark on an Aerial Adventure at Soarin’ Indoors in Manchester

Soarin' Indoors brings the fun and problem-solving of a traditional ropes course indoors, so you can enjoy it rain or shine. Whereas its upper course hangs high in the air overhead, the lower course hovers just a few feet above the ground. Regardless of age, anyone who is five feet or taller is welcome to tackle either course—both require you to be safely strapped into a harness. However, younger participants do tend to prefer the lower course.

Both the upper and lower courses incorporate similar elements to both challenge and engage guests. Step carefully from one wide-seated swing to next; inch your way across a hanging beam; buckle up and zoom down a zip line. You'll have the chance to enjoy all of these experiences and more. Plus, Soarin' Indoors added a two-story playground a couple of years ago for youngsters who aren't quite ready for the ropes course.

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