Things to Do in Manchester

Describing as having an "80's vibe" by one Yelp reviewer, Parkade Cinemas and Entertainment isn't exactly a cutting-edge megaplex—but that's exactly what gives it a "certain charm," says another. In fact, regular patrons seem to appreciate the old-school atmosphere across the board. After all, it comes with cheap prices for everyone and a long local… Read more »

A delightful little shop not far from Broadleaf Apartments run by an inspiring entrepreneur, Divine Treasures has chocolates, dessert bars, soft serve, and other treats, all made to suit any dietary needs. The owner, Diane, used her grandmother’s recipes to develop her desserts, but because of her dietary restrictions, took out all the refined sugar… Read more »

Little Theatre of Manchester at Cheney Hall may have a long history, but the productions it puts on are always contemporary. True, the theater has been staging shows since 1960 in what is now considered a historic building, and yet the local actors who grace its stage today tackle modern scripts—much to the delight of… Read more »

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