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Taking Place Sept. 10: The 37th Annual British Motorcar Show at Wickham Park

Today, sports cars come from all over the world. But in the '50s, '60s, and '70s, British sports cars reigned as the most highly coveted upscale roadsters. The 37th Annual British Motorcar Show at Wickham Park pays homage to this era, inviting present-day owners of British cars to come out and show off their unique vehicles.

The Connecticut Triumph Register holds the event, a fitting host given that Triumph cars were some of the most popular British autos in the mid-20th century. But you don't have to own a Triumph vehicle in order to participate. British cars of all makes, models, and eras are welcome to come and grab a spot at Wickham Park on Sunday, September 10th. The car show typically draws more than 100 exhibitors, so auto enthusiasts can come and drool over the sleek lines of a vintage Jaguar or the shiny coat of fresh paint on an MG. There will also be concessions provided by a local boy scout group, raffles for fun prizes, and tennis and volleyball courts available for play. Admission is $7 per car.

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