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Dig Into Authentic Italian Fare at Trattoria Toscana

Chefs braise short ribs in Barolo wine before cooking it slowly, resulting in a tender meat that complements house-made gnocchi and ragu sauce perfectly. That's why the short rib ragu is one of the most popular dishes at Trattoria Toscana, a family-owned Italian eatery in Manchester.

The clan in the kitchen was born of a butcher and an Italian chef, so they grew up knowing what authentic Italian fare should taste like. They recreate the dishes of their childhood in menu items such as the short rib ragu, as well as the many other house-made pastas and meat entrees. Try Toscana's Frenched pork chop, a signature creation that showcases a 14-ounce French-cut pork chop with sweet potato lasagna and crispy Brussels sprouts. The stuffed chicken is another crowd pleaser. The chicken breast comes packed with fresh ricotta cheese, prosciutto, spinach, and house-made sausage, and the entire thing is smothered with a house-made tomato-cream sauce.

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