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Ride the Coasters at Six Flags New England This Summer

Six Flags New England boasts an eclectic array of rides for all ages, from an early 20th-century carousel with a herd of hand-carved horses to Batman: The Dark Knight, a high-speed coaster that zips up to 55 miles per hour around sharp curves and down steep hills.

So whether you have younger kids, older kids, or no kids at all, Six Flags New England is a great place to spend a sunny day. If you want to cool off, try the Big Kahuna water slide. Riders climb aboard a one-person raft and zoom along with rushing waters down twisting and turning slides. The Blizzard River is also perfect for hot, muggy days, evoking a whitewater-rafting experience in rafts that fit eight people. The real draw of Six Flags, however, is the collection of high-velocity roller coasters, like the seven-story Fireball, the looping Goliath, and relentlessly twisting Mind Eraser.

Public Domain/Pixabay/zsoravecz

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