January 2016

Sharing a meal is as much about socializing as it is eating, a fact that the people behind Tomato Joe's understand very clearly. That's why they created at atmosphere in which families, couples, and groups of friends all feel welcome. Their Italian restaurant opened about a month ago three miles from Broadleaf Boulevard, so you… Read more »

Sometimes, all you really want for dinner is a big, juicy steak or a colorful plate of fresh seafood. And that can't always be created in your own kitchen. If you don't have the ingredients (or culinary know-how) to make your own upscale comfort food at Broadleaf Boulevard, make the two-mile trip to NIXS Evergreen…. Read more »

Trio Properties, LLC was honored by the Connecticut Apartment Association for the second year in a row, winning the Nutmeg Award for Management Company of the Year 2015. "We've experienced great years of positive yield for our clients, which ultimately is our number one goal,” says Jeff Ferony, Executive Vice Presidents and Partner. Jeremy Browning,… Read more »

Just because there's a winter chill in the air doesn't mean you should give up on your favorite athletic endeavors. Stone Age Rock Gym, located about two miles away from Broadleaf Boulevard, ensures you won't have to. The indoor rock-climbing gym allows adventurers to keep climbing, even when snow falls outside. If you haven't already… Read more »

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