September 2015

It's important to wash your hands numerous times throughout the day, but it's just as important to do it correctly. In order to prevent spreading germs and to reduce the risk of food borne illness, follow these tips when you wash your hands at Broadleaf Apartments: Use soap and water. Soak your hands completely and… Read more »

If you don't have the time to keep up with flowers or high-maintenance plants, consider decorating your home at Broadleaf Apartments with succulents or cacti instead. To keep your succulents alive and thriving, check out these tips: Find a sunny spot. Succulents and cacti require a lot of sunlight, so try to find a sunny… Read more »

Paint swatches aren't just for helping you pick out paint. They can also be used in a number of other creative ways. Have some fun doing these crafts at Broadleaf Apartments: Paint Sample Bookmarks [] Make reading even more fun for the little ones with these DIY bookmarks. The strips already look like a bookmark… Read more »

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