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Jamaican Kitchen: An International Adventure for Your Taste Buds

Short of grabbing your passport and boarding a plane, Jamaican Kitchen is the best way to get your Caribbean food fix. It opened in Vernon in September and brought with it a variety of authentic Jamaican eats, from chicken patties to coco bread. If you've been wanting to branch out with your takeout routine, come to Jamaican Kitchen.

Dig into a serving of Jamaican wings at the Kitchen or grab some jerk pork or chicken to take home with you. Curry goat, oxtail, and pepper steak are among your other options, not to mention the meat-free dishes. Try the vegetarian stew or the sweet and sour tofu if you want to skip the meat, perhaps paired with rice and peas or fried fritters. You can also try one of the Jamaican patties on a bun with sandwich fixings, such as the beef, chicken, or veggie patty. They're all available on the signature coco bread, as well.

Public Domain/Pixabay/zaclyric

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