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Calling All Train Enthusiasts at Broadleaf Boulevard: Check Out the Model Train at Time Machine Hobby in Manchester

Time Machine Hobby is not your average toy store. This hobby shop has everything from model trains, Legos, and puzzles to R/C cars, planes, and helicopters. Game enthusiasts, aspiring scientists, architects, and future astronauts; there’s something for everyone! Visit their sister store right across the street for a huge selection of tabletop and card games, including Magic, Force of Will, and Star Wars X-Wing.

At Time Machine Hobby, there is a massive 5,000-square-foot train layout that runs every first and third Sunday of the month (1-4 p.m.) that Broadleaf Boulevard train enthusiasts won't want to miss. Visit the website for special deals and events, like the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt, taking place at 1 p.m. on March 26!

Time Machine Hobby
71 Hilliard St
Manchester, CT 06042
(860) 646-0610

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