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Don’t Skip the Maple Mayo at Corey’s Catsup and Mustard in Manchester

Corey's Catsup and Mustard is named for the condiments that customers routinely use to embellish the signature burgers and fries. Although, in most cases, the food is already infused with so much flavor that really no additional condiments are necessary.

Take, for example, the signature 7-Burger. It boasts a pair of peppercorn-infused Angus beef patties with barbecue brisket, crispy strips of bacon, shredded lettuce, onion, pickles, American cheese, and mayo, all stuffed inside of a sesame seed bun. If you're a fan of Pickleback cocktails, try the Pickleback burger. Its patty comes topped with fried pickles and whiskey sauce, reminiscent of its boozy inspiration, with lettuce, tomato, cheddar, house-made burger sauce, and dill pickles. Don't forget to add an order of spicy Cajun, garlic parmesan, or Cool Ranch fries with dips like Maple Mayo and Kicked-Up Catsup.

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