Manchester Apartments

Pillowy pretzel bagels. Flaky jalapeno-cheddar bagels. Sweet French toast bagels. These are just a few of the specialty baked goods you'll see on the shelves at Steve's Bagels, a cafe and deli that opened in December three miles from Broadleaf Boulevard. With its broad selection of breakfast eats, sandwiches, and gourmet coffee drinks, Steve's is… Read more »

In 2008, Boeing Boeing won a Tony for the Best Play Revival. In 2016, it comes to the Little Theatre of Manchester about three miles from Broadleaf Boulevard. Every weekend from now through Sunday, Feb. 21, professional actors from around the state (and a bit beyond) will put on this original play by Marc Camoletti…. Read more »

Steven Murray (aka "Cheeks") was so determined to find the best fried chicken that, in 2014, he traversed the entire country looking for fare worthy of the title. The only problem was that he never found it. Every eatery he encountered did something at least a little wrong with its chicken, maybe breading it too… Read more »

Sharing a meal is as much about socializing as it is eating, a fact that the people behind Tomato Joe's understand very clearly. That's why they created at atmosphere in which families, couples, and groups of friends all feel welcome. Their Italian restaurant opened about a month ago three miles from Broadleaf Boulevard, so you… Read more »

Just because there's a winter chill in the air doesn't mean you should give up on your favorite athletic endeavors. Stone Age Rock Gym, located about two miles away from Broadleaf Boulevard, ensures you won't have to. The indoor rock-climbing gym allows adventurers to keep climbing, even when snow falls outside. If you haven't already… Read more »

Steven Murray—known by friends as "Cheeks"—is so serious about fried chicken that it sent him on a cross-country road trip. In 2014, he set out to find the perfect fried chicken, or at least learn what not to do. His Southern roots set high standards as he sample wings at big-name franchises and hole-in-the-wall pizza… Read more »

Model trains. Remote control cars. Board games. They all have a spot on the shelves at Time Machine Hobby in Manchester, an aptly named shop not far from Broadleaf Apartments that's geared toward hobbyists of all types. The store has been part of the city's landscape since 1999, and some of its old-school toys and… Read more »

Describing as having an "80's vibe" by one Yelp reviewer, Parkade Cinemas and Entertainment isn't exactly a cutting-edge megaplex—but that's exactly what gives it a "certain charm," says another. In fact, regular patrons seem to appreciate the old-school atmosphere across the board. After all, it comes with cheap prices for everyone and a long local… Read more »

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